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Financial aid

you screwed me over even though i turned you in on time….

now i have to wait till january


Magnolia’s Good Gravy!

Magnolia likes GOOD gravy!

pass it on!



Magnolia Arch likes GOOD gravy!!!

quick, someone make fan art of it!


Tamber VS The Revenants!


The bow she had spared with, aging before her, its usefulness, diminishing.

an armada of ineffectual blows, her experiences before this battle, void

she recalls the screams unknown to her, the ones close to her.

that time 10 years ago, when balance erupted and the gates of despair swung open, claiming the innocence of this society.

that scar on her memory met her eyes, many pupils gazed ravenously in return, muscles twitching, limbs, slithering ever nearer.

Desperation fuels their movements

was it for Blood?

for were these not the faces she recalled with love? back when the world had sense?


they were contaminated, drenched, perverted beings…

wrenched from the plane beyond

torturing the beating hearts they odiously lusted

they were known as the Revenants…


in all seriousness, i might need to redo this drawing.

tracing is preferable:P its kinda sloppy, but i still like it:D

it’s no tamblr on tumblr though:P

so, uh…

drawing. story from the game she comes from, i just…tried to make it more impacting, the game being a little devoid in that department.

it could’ve been so much better:P

Hours of smashing praise!

so, the concept of smashing on the go was interesting on premise alone

playing it?…

i have spent the past few hours working on nothing, not even my new drawing, to bludgeon a plumber, a swordsman, a villager with a face of merciless malice and a yellow rat into oblivion!

its so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


To Altairis of Gamefaqs

Thank you very much for the super smash bros demo code for 3ds

i’ll be happy to draw you anything(not nsfw)

happy gaming!


super smash preview!

i am a seattle human looking for a code to a brawler on the go

well…a great melee, but i was looking to see if anyone had extras:D

i’d be happy to take a drawing request(no nsfw) as a result of an acquisition of said code:P

just message, er..ask me!


Stress Relief (or Tamber on Tumblr!)


in my long hours of breathing, sleeping and general boredom of eating one too many cheese pies

i found myself at a struggle

my financial aid has not been processed and school starts in less than 2 weeks

my ocd is crazy but i’ve been doing my best to understand it more and more

and i feel at a loss for what to do in life

and then i got to thinking, theres alot of people who are really stressed

and thus, Tumblr. i bestow upon you all a gift from me:P

its not the answer to your problems, no, but i wanted to do a drawing that could benefit others, even for a second:)

and so….

heres a picture of a girl from a video game roasting a marshmallow!

the girl in question, i had to age up because i don’t draw teens:P

from what i remember, shes a dancer, that explains the clothes and the tent(although i made the tent part up…)

being a dancer has its merits, such as knowing the tricks of a bow and honing the agility of a cheetah!

looks like everythings okay:)

i think i overdid myself this time:O this is my most detailed drawing at this point.

its not perfect, i screwed up the outfit and its not totally on par with official works, but i figure this is my adaption and besides

marshmallow! take that!!!

enjoy your overly silly drawing, tumblr:)

oh, and her name’s Tamber by the way:) nice name.

(its funny, her japanese name is tumble…the site is tumblr…tamber on tumblr:) MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

"the true battle begin at here!"


true, we did get some stupid characters, like emo fairy boy and the doctor of mario

but we got a hell of a lot more cool characters than we can like  a pellet eater from the 80s

a blonde dude

a crazy space lady whos friends with an overweight star

and even a dog! yeah! that happened’.’

now it is time for the battle of here at true!!!

thank you gema_yue:) for the 13 hours of entertainment you provided us:O

and i sat through all of it…i need to nap.

f i knew what you looked like, i would draw you a picture because your awesome:)

and my grammar sucks…


and we americans will be smashing October 3rd!!!