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*insert monty python stuff*

Madscarlet on guitar!


it came to me in a dream

the woman regularly garbed in suspenders

cloaked in a circumstantial lime green dress.

as she began to strum, her friends, her lover with the fire beard, rallied to support her, their hearts rupturing into ecstacy when the lyrics began to portrude her lips

the song of life began..

what were her words?

a yearning towards the beauty of creation? an ode to garbanzo beans that descend from the golden kissed sun?

will we know?

will this tale conclude?

will hummus be crafted

or more art?

thats love either way

it doesn’t matter

lose yourself in the music and enjoy the moment!

so, here i am in a classroom, unsure of what the future lies in my 3rd quarter.

will you till continue your appreciated support as i face the unknown?

uh oh…

its fall now!

that means that multicolored leaves will descend and paint the world a new shade of ….cherry…pumpkin…turkey…and…


hello world!

since financial aid just isn’t happening, i’ve decided to do surveys online for case.

friday, after 4 days of tedious work, i managed to obtain 43 dollars for smash on 3ds!

of course, my computer decided to kill my laptop chargers so i had to cancel my pre-order

i also got some other things im going to show off!

so now the journey begins once more! to obtain smash bros!

…44 dollars to go.

Financial aid

you screwed me over even though i turned you in on time….

now i have to wait till january



Magnolia’s Good Gravy!

Magnolia likes GOOD gravy!

pass it on!



Magnolia Arch likes GOOD gravy!!!

quick, someone make fan art of it!


Tamber VS The Revenants!


The bow she had spared with, aging before her, its usefulness, diminishing.

an armada of ineffectual blows, her experiences before this battle, void

she recalls the screams unknown to her, the ones close to her.

that time 10 years ago, when balance erupted and the gates of despair swung open, claiming the innocence of this society.

that scar on her memory met her eyes, many pupils gazed ravenously in return, muscles twitching, limbs, slithering ever nearer.

Desperation fuels their movements

was it for Blood?

for were these not the faces she recalled with love? back when the world had sense?


they were contaminated, drenched, perverted beings…

wrenched from the plane beyond

torturing the beating hearts they odiously lusted

they were known as the Revenants…


in all seriousness, i might need to redo this drawing.

tracing is preferable:P its kinda sloppy, but i still like it:D

it’s no tamblr on tumblr though:P

so, uh…

drawing. story from the game she comes from, i just…tried to make it more impacting, the game being a little devoid in that department.

it could’ve been so much better:P